There are many critical issues facing the State School Board.  I address those that I consider most important at this time.  See my "Issues" page for expanded statements on each of these priorities:

• School Funding  -  Despite four Ohio Supreme Court decisions, the General Assembly refuses to address Ohio’s antiquated, unfair funding method.  The state Board of Education has to provide a "Bully Pulpit" for education advocates in Ohio.

• Charter Schools  -  Funding of Charter Schools is taxation without representation.

• The Achievement Gap  -  I co-chaired the Board's Task Force on Narrowing the Achievement Gap which revealed disparities between disadvantaged minorities and other students.  While the Board has made headway in this area, much work remains.

• Science Curricula - After five years of discussion, a strong movement persists to teach Intelligent Design creationism in Ohio's public schools  thus compromising Ohio’s high school science curricula.  Not only is this bad education policy it is bad for the free expression of religion.
•  Hamilton County
        Republican Party
•  Hamilton County
         Democratic Party
  Ohio Federation of Teachers
  Cincinnati Federation
        of Teachers
•  Help Ohio Public Education         (HOPE)
•  Ohio Association of Public  
     School Employees (OAPSE)
A Note of Thanks from Sam
I am honored to receive your continued support to advocate for strong educational policies in Ohio.  I have strived--and will continue to do so--to demand the highest results from the public school system of Ohio for all students.

The recent elections open a unique and exciting window of opportunity for the Board of Education to provide leadership on issues I stressed during my recent campaign.  I look forward to meeting and working with the many new people chosen by Ohio citizens to address our most pressing educational challenges.

I sense a new era of dedication to quality public education in Ohio and will represent the interests and concerns of the citizens of Hamilton and Warren counties on the Board of Education and at all levels of government in Ohio. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Sam Schloemer